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About the webmaster and this website

There is really only one person directly behind this website, besides the work of God and the numerous work of other men of God throughout history. Even though I may be alone physically behind this ministry/website, I must acknowledge others in whom have played an important role.

First, I thank God for directing and leading my life and work here, and elsewhere, and the work of the Holy Spirit. And here is a list of men who greatly affected me:

Watchman Nee  (see the bottom of the linked page for info about Nee)
Randy Shankle
Kenneth Hagin (Sr.)
Bruce DeLay 

And as far as the web work itself, I have done most of it, although several pages have quotes from other sites, and of coarse the numerous quotes from the Bible. I know a little HTML programming, but sometimes use Netscape Composer to create webpages, however in my latest website here, I decided to use DotEasy's Website Creator. At the end of Sept 04, I switched hosts from Internet Planners to DotEasy. I made this change in conjunction with a new project to create a website for a local church I attended at the time. We chose the new host because it is a lot cheaper. My previous host had a plan for about $6 a month plus registration fees (about $30), which is very reasonable, and I even upgraded to a higher one for about $10 a month. But finances are not affording me such any more and the new host is FREE except for registration (about $25 a year). However, a few years later, with this update, Doteasy now charges. I pay about $10 a month now.

I have links to webhosts and other Internet Tools here:

 Web Tools

So who am I? Well, I remain anonymous on the internet for the safety of my family, but you can read about my life here:

 My Personal Testimony

You can also learn a bit more about me (and a lot more briefly) at my F.A.Q.'s page.

I originally had my email address on 1st site for awhile but got tired of the spam and viruses, as well as the scams and other problems. But you can send me a message or question through the following email message form, use the form below provided.


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