If the Rapture has Occurred...

This page is for those looking for help or answers after the rapture. Ignore this page if the rapture has not taken place yet.

If the rapture has ocurred, please realize that this website will not stay up forever. I only pay for this website 1 year at a time, or at the most 2 years. Therefore copy the content of this website for your use or to share.

The following video should be helpful to those who do not know or understand these events.
I have hosted this video on multiple platforms, so the chance of it getting lost or taken down is minimized. YouTube is perhaps the best place to watch it, as all links will work. But the other locations or video hosts, the links within the video will not send you to other videos. You will have to manualy search for them. All videos are on YouTube at the time of this pages creation and also am uploading all my videos onto GodTube as a backup channel, the other hosts for this video will not have my other videos. You will find the YouTube version on the bottom of the page, if it is up and working.

Millions Vanished! Video see at one of these links:







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