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It was actually several years ago I created a YouTube channel. I think I had only 1 
"Christian" video on it for these many years. Writing this now, June 2019, as of last year, I believe, I started making videos, but they were "desktop" videos, where I just captured the computer desktop, and use those images with my voice, to make videos. These "first" videos, were of me mostly reiterating the content from my webpages, sometimes combining more than one page, but skipping some content, to make it more condensed. I also started adding content from my blog:

But lately, I have been making full fledged videos with my laptop.

Here is the link to my YouTube channel:

gospel-kingdom website YouTube channel

Please subscribe, but more importantly, feel free to share the videos.

Here are 3 different play lists I created off my videos:

My Eternal Judgment playlist:

My Growing in Christ playlist:

My End Times Study playlist:

I created a back-up channel, if I lose my YouTube channel. It is on I am slowly moving all my videos there but obviuosly GodTube does not have as many features, and thus "in video" links will not work. Watchers will have to make note which videos I refer to within the video and find them on my channel. For a time, not all videos will be found there. Hopefiully within 3 weeks, I will get them all on. Here is my back-up GodTube channel:


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