Computer & Web Tools

This page is a collection of useful tools (most if not all, are free). Some for Christianity & some for internet or computer usefulness.  

What are the best translations? What are the worst? Click on the link below, to learn about translations:  

 The Protected & Inspired Word of God - originally a personal study of mine to find out what translation was best

Online Audio Bibles (all free) - listen to the Bible

 BibleGateway Audio Bibles - listen online and other resources - download audio Bibles

 TheStreamingBible - listen online

 FireFighters For Christ - listen online or download

Read/Study Online Bibles

 BibleGateway - many Bible translations and languages - several versions - formerly, read various translations

 BibleDatabase - many online Bibles, English and other languages 

 Bibles in Your Language - Bibles in 250 languages, many are free, but not all

 Bible in Arabic 

 Chinese Bible

 Spanish Bible - Another Option

Bible study materials:

 Bible Research - Web Directory of English Bible Versions, online and downloadable, and other resources  

 Blue Letter Bible - do searches on their site   

 Strong's Concordance with Hebrew and Greek Lexicon

 Strong's Hebrew and Greek Dictionary

 Hebrew and Greek Concordance Index


 Nave's Topical Index 

Bible facts/info: 

 The Books of the Bible - a list of the Books of the Bible  

 Jewish Observances - a list of Jewish Observances (Holy Days) 

 Portraits of the Apostles - Biblical facts about the apostles and traditional stories as well  

 The Names of God in the Old Testament - list of O.T. names of God  

 Names, Titles and Characters of Jesus Christ - list of titles, characters, & names of Christ  

Web page/site hosting (I have used all of these):

  Bravenet - free & inexpensive professional web service hosting (I am fairly certain this is a christian based company, but they no longer advertise as such.) - free web hosting. You get stuck with secular advertisements.  

  Internet Planners - This was the previous web host I used. They have cheap prices, great service, and no ads. 

  Doteasy - This is the host I switched to. Cheap hosting plans too, with more services.  

Other Tools:  

 Avast - best free antivirus software (I use this)

 AVG Anti-Virus - free anti-Virus software, was the best for a long time, now considered 2nd best by many (I used to use it, now I don't)

 CCleaner - the number-one tool for cleaning your Windows PC. It protects your privacy online and makes your computer faster and more secure

 Ad-Aware by Lavasoft - a free utility that eliminates spy-ware. Spy-ware are programs created by companies to gain access to your computer to see who you are and then send advertisements to you.  I no longer use this, but it is good.

 Malwarebytes - Powerful cleaner, gets rid of spyware, malware, some viruses, Trojans, and other nasties. I use it and HIGHLY recommend it (free).

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