Randy Shankle & the Church in Marshall

Randy Shankle is a minister who was foundational in training me in God's word and God's ways.

Randy Shankle became semi-famous in the 80's when he was on TBN, Trinity Broadcasting Network. It may be possible to find videos of him on the show on their website, but at the time of this edit, they were not working. 

However, at this time, there is an 18 minute clip on Youtube of him on the show:


He also wrote a book which became of some note, called: The Merismos.

Here is a Google read copy:


Here is a video teaching of the first part of the Merismos by Randy:


The book was also reprinted under a different name called: Releasing the Spirit.

I came to know about Randy and his teachings about the same time I became baptized in the Holy Spirit. A brother shared many of his audio tapes with me. Shortly after this, the Lord called me to go to the Bible school Randy started at the Church in Marshall.

The whole story in how I got there is quite remarkable. I recently created a video discussing some of my dealings with Randy & the Church in Marshall. This video actually is just 25% or so of my testimony video I created. I just edited the video to contain those parts relevant to Randy & the church. This video is at the bottom of this page, below the Merismos teaching video.

But if you wish for more details, you can read much of it on my testimony page:

My Personal Testimony

When I did arrive at the church, Randy was no longer in the administration of the church, but was involved in the background, and still administrated 3 large Bible conferences a year. 

Randy actually had very little first hand contact with me, most of it was through the books, audio tapes, and others who continued his teachings.

Randy is a 5 fold minister with the gifts of apostle, prophet, and teacher. It is a shame that so few people get to sit under the work of an apostle these days, but am blessed to have done so.  

Randy's early days are amazing and there is not much error to be concerned with. The biggest would be the error in the Merismos teaching:

"The Fruit of it's Kind". Watchman Nee describes this very teaching and say's if 2 born again christians got married and had a baby, that if they truly were without sin, their baby would be born sinless. It would be a fruit of its kind. This of coarse does not happen. Because, the parents are not without sin.

Watchman Nee proves this further with scripture:

Rom 6:
6: Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin.

The word "destroyed" gives the wrong impression, it actually means "unemployed" according to Nee, in Greek.

For a 2nd witness there is this:

 The New Testament Greek Lexicon

1) to render idle, unemployed, inactivate, inoperative

  a) to cause a person or thing to have no further efficiency

  b) to deprive of force, influence, power

2) to cause to cease, put an end to, do away with, annul, abolish

  a) to cease, to pass away, be done away

  b) to be severed from, separated from, discharged from, loosed from any one

  c) to terminate all intercourse with one 

The work of the cross, unemploys sin. It is still there, it has been made without working power. But it is still there for you to choose, and choose daily if you so desire. I suggest reading the rest of Rom 6.

I recommend my webpage for more teachings on the salvation of the soul:

 The Salvation of the Soul

There was another error in the early days, and it was under the teaching called Kisser/Cleaver. The Church in Marshall had lots of people coming to visit and/or come to the Bible school, but many would not stay. I believe Randy used this teaching to get people to stay. It worked and it worked on me.

I was called to live elsewhere, but had indeed been called to go to Bible school in Marshall, and after 2 years of school I stayed and should not have, I stayed another 2 years. I met a young woman at the church, and hoped to get married and this is when everything changed for me. The church refused to marry us, and did not believe in marrying couples unless there had been a prophecy that the 2 should be together. Another error, obviously, in the church. Randy at this time, began to return to the church administration as well.

Randy and the Church in Marshall has had some serious problems and error concerning Eldership Rule and these isues began to come forth. I speak on these issues in the following teaching, although not specifically directed towards them. 

You can find this here:

Eldership Rule Part 2

Having left Marshall and did not get married and moved on, it was years later after I had put a webpage on my website about Randy and the church when I was contacted by a doctor who lost his wife to the church. Randy was marrying this man's wife to another man at the church in Marshall.

So I began to get more involved in uncovering what Randy was doing at the time. And Randy even spoke about me publicly see here:


This work lasted several years, but it ended a couple years ago or more, and most content has been deleted from my blog and here. But I leave the one following evidence of the abuse. 

The following audio clip is a church service where Randy publicly humiliates and corrects some people.

I have decided to make the “Family Forum” service in its entirety available for download. I believe 30 minutes is missing, 20 minutes of no broadcast in the beginning, possibly 5 minutes missed by me at the beginning, and up to 5 minutes at the end where I cut off the announcements.

This is a MP3 file that lasts 2 hours and 41 minutes long. The file is 46 megabytes in size. You can download the file at:


As of May 2019, this was downloaded over 700 times.

Today, Randy's ministry is diminished and because of this, so has my covering it. Now if you listen to the clip about Randy speaking about me, you may think we had a personal relationship, the fact is he hardly knew me. He wasn't even governing the church when I was seeking marriage and left. So what he says there in that video isn't even true! But we have met face to face a few times, and he did know me. 

There is a lot of history betweeen me and the Church and Marshall and this page does not reflect much of that. But since I have no interest in dealing with this issue, those details will remain few here. 

And while there has been sour history, there also remains a blessed history. The Church in Marshall still remains to me the best Biblical church I have ever experienced, sad to see how it has fallen. I am so thankful Jesus sent me there to learn much. My website and ministry has a lot of refection from what I have learned through the Church in Marshall and particularly Randy.

In July, 2020, the Lord directed me to make a video to the Church in Marshall. This was not a video of rebuke nor correction. Please see it below.


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 Family Forum MP3 download


The video teaching of the first part of the Merismos by Randy Shankle and below that my video discussing my dealings with Randy & the Church in Marshall, and the 3rd is a video to the Church in Marshall and former members.:

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