The Gospel of the Kingdom

Welcome to, the home of the former website. You can view the old website through the Internet Archive. However, this site has the content of the old one, but updated with corrections and additions.

Links within a page's text will be purple in color and if the link goes to another page on this site it will be in bold text. If the link goes to someone else's site it will not be bold, but still will be purple, unless you have changed your browser's setting from default colors. 

The articles on this website are linked and titled on the left side bar. They are provided in order of understanding (except for the last few). For example one may not understand link 5 if they haven't read link 4 and so on.

Starting in 2019, much of the ministry behind this website moved to YouTube. The basis of most of the content on this YouTube channel came through the work found on this website. However, it has grown in understanding and also has become more understandable as being put into easier to understand truths and doctrines. This does not mean this website is obsolete. But the chances of further webpages has diminsihed.

I invite you to come to my YouTube channel: gospel-kingdom website

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